Design, Manufacture and Install Specialized Equipment

For wood-treatment, rubber-hose, aerated concrete and other industries across North America and the Caribbean.

Who Is It For?

Specialized equipment designed, manufactured and installed for companies that want to:

Drive ROI

Increase production

Decrease overall costs

If this is you and you want to ramp up manufacturing, you need specialized equipment.

Clients We’ve Helped

Here are a few examples of specialized equipment we have designed, manufactured and installed.


BB&S Treated Lumber of New England needed to solve a problem with warranties. Dimensional wood products that are treated with a wood preservative are normally identified with a plastic tag that is stapled on one end of the wood product. Many times, this tag is inadvertently removed during transportation or installation. BB&S was looking for an additional way to identify the dimensional lumber that was preserved at their facility.


We engineered, fabricated, and installed a machine that would press the customer’s logo into the end of each board for identification purposes.

Specialized Transfer Deck System

Tank Fab invented the Hydraulic Based Transfer Deck System and the Mini-Deck System for the wood-treating industry. These were born out of client’s need, where we designed and manufactured specialized equipment.

Mini-Deck System


Great Southern Wood Preserving needed to double the preserved wood output capacity at one of their twelve wood-treating facilities. They needed a cost-effective way to do this  –  with minimal down-time in the facility’s current output of preserved wood.


Great Southern Wood’s initial plan was to double the capacity by adding another autoclave system to the facilities existing two treating cylinders. Our solution was to design, manufacture, and install one of our mini-deck systems in front of one of the facility’s existing treating cylinders. This reduced both the cost for the expansion and the down-time needed from months to weeks.

Transfer Deck System


Anyone involved in the wood-treating business knows two things.

  • The more you move lumber with forklifts, the more likely the wood will be damaged.
  • Newly preserved wood is going to drip preservatives.

Southeast Wood Preserving contacted us looking for a solutions to these two needs.


We designed, manufactured, and installed a piece of specialized equipment to meet those needs.

We call this equipment our transfer deck system. It’s a material-handling system that reduces the need for handling the dimensional lumber from the time the white wood is loading into the system for treatment with wood preservative until the newly preserved wood is drip-free. All drippage from newly preserved wood is captured within the system and reclaimed for use in preserving additional lumber products.

Since manufacturing the first transfer deck system, Southeast Wood Preserving has purchased four additional systems to add to their other wood-treating facilities.

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“It was a pleasure to work with TankFab on this project. They communicated well and were sensitive to our needs while on site.”

Bob Worfel, Project Manager, Great Southern Wood

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