Automation of your Autoclave, ASME Tank, and Production Facility

Designed and Built to Boost Your Facility’s Production!

Automation Capabilities:

  • Automation of your Autoclave door, material handling, and/or the process that takes place inside your autoclave
  • Automation of your ASME tank process
  • Automation of your material handling
  • Automation of your facility’s production processes

Who’s It For?

  • Wood Treating Facilities
  • Rubber Hose Manufacturing Facilities
  • Lumber Preservation Facilities
  • Molded Rubber Product Facilities
  • Monomer Production Facilities
  • Fiber Cement Siding or Panel Manufacturing Facilities

Some of Our Clients

Over the past 30 years, our automation has been used to manufacture railroad ties, utility poles, wooden fencing, plywood, radiator hoses, hydraulic hoses, and coatings used in the printing, lamination, food, and paper industries. With your knowledge of your production process and our company’s automation engineering, we can build automation for your facility to improve the efficiency of your existing or new equipment.

The Plan

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