Material Handling

Material Handling Designed to Meet Your Needs

We design & manufacturer material handling systems to quickly and efficiently move your product into and out of your autoclave.

Who’s it for?

  • Dimensional Lumber Wood Treaters
  • Flexible Hose Manufacturer
  • Railroad Crosstie Wood Treaters
  • Rigid Hose Manufacturer
  • Utility Pole Wood Treaters
  • Molded Rubber Product Manufacturers
  • Aerated Concrete Product Manufacturer
  • Fiber Cement Product Manufacturer

Some of Our Clients


Problem / Solutions


I need to increase my treated wood production, but don’t have the room to add additional equipment in our facility.

autoclave door


We can add one of our material handling system in front of your existing autoclave that will increase the output capacity of your existing autoclave by at least 50%! This system can be used in any wood treating facility that preserves dimensional lumber, railroad ties, utility poles, fence posts, or pilings.


I need to increase my bottom line on the rubber products I produce.

Pressure Tanks for Vulcanizing Rubber


If we could reduce the time it takes for you to remove your cured product out of the autoclave and the uncured product into the autoclave to less than 5 minutes, how much value would this be to you?