Marketing for Manufacturing: 5 Game-Changing Digital Tools

What digital tools help to efficiently market a manufacturing business?

The digital tools to help efficiently market a manufacturing business are:

  1.  Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

  2. Hemingway Editor

  3. Google Analytics

  4. Thomas WebTrax

  5. Ahrefs

You want – need –  to market your manufacturing business.

But you lack a crucial ingredient: Know-how.

Here’s the help you didn’t know you needed.

You can use these digital tools and apps to be more productive, streamline the process and be more efficient as you market your manufacturing business.

Get familiar with the following tools and start putting them to work for you.

1. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

With a specialized area of manufacturing, coming up with topics for blogs can be challenging.

This blog ideas generator lets you input as many as five nouns and – with a simple click – provides you with an abundance of titles to spark your creativity and give you some direction.

2. Hemingway Editor

A tool like this is uber-helpful in an industry that’s so technical.

The Hemingway app allows you to input your blog text and gives you helpful feedback about what you can tweak to make your writing as concise and clear as possible for your audience.

It points out sentences that are too lengthy or hard to understand and highlights some of the most common writing mistakes.

3. Google Analytics

Once you’re churning out those blogs, you need to know how they’re performing with your audience.

You’ve probably heard of this platform but maybe you haven’t used it.

It provides valuable insights into the traffic your website is getting. You can use the information to make the necessary adjustments so you’re getting seen where and with whom you want to be.

4. Thomas WebTrax

You’ll want to put this tool at the top of your list because it’s the first one made for industrially manufacturers and suppliers.

A unique feature of WebTrax is that it allows you to track customers as they move through the buyer’s journey.

You also have the ability to filter visitors to your website by geography, company size, industry, and more.

The beauty of this is that your sales team’s engagement with prospects is more in-depth and more likely to lead to an actual sale.

5. Ahrefs

Once you start getting serious about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Ahrefs will become an indispensable tool.

There are a variety of helpful resources with Ahrefs, including tools like competitive analysis, backlinks, keyword and content research.

Web monitoring and rank tracking are additional helpful resources Ahrefs provides.

Each of these tools works together to give you an edge over your competition by showing you where they’re outperforming you. Then, you can make necessary tweaks to your digital marketing efforts.

Put these digital tools to work for you

Knowing how to market your manufacturing business doesn’t have to be a mystery.

With the HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator, Google Analytics, Thomas WebTrax, Ahrefs and Link Explorer, you’ll be able to get your name out there, build your brand and attract prospects to your business.

These digital tools will help you get seen in the most efficient way possible, without taking away from your manufacturing productivity.

Author: Jeffrey Lippincott

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