What Is ASME Code?

What is an ASME tank:

Any vessel that contains an internal pressure of more than 15 PSI. The design and manufacture must conform to ASME Code standards.


The need for a set of standard codes for the pressure vessel industry was noticed early on in American industry.

What is ASME?

ASME stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It is a professional organization that sets standards and codes for the autoclave industry.

The ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) sets code standards for the pressure vessel industry.

The organization was founded in 1880 because of numerous steam boiler pressure vessel failures in the United States.

Today, ASME is still the organization that sets standards for the pressure tank industry and ASME code.

The organization has over 140,000 members in several countries around the globe.

ASME Code Standard Requirements

In most states within the U.S., any tank that contains an internal pressure of more than 15 PSI must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the rules of the ASME Code.

The states exempt from this standard are:

  • Idaho.
  • Wyoming.
  • Montana.
  • South Dakota.
  • New Mexico.
  • Texas.
  • Louisana.
  • Michigan.
  • West Virginia.
  • South Carolina.
  • Florida.

This includes any tank that would contain a pressurized liquid and/or gas.

If your tank will contain a lethal substance, many additional requirements – such as x-ray examination and post-weld heat treatment – are needed to meet the ASME Code Standards.

Tank Fab’s ASME compliance

At Tank Fab, we are committed to meeting all ASME standards in our pressure tank production methods.

Specific ASME requirements apply to design, manufacture, and testing of the tank.

These include:

  • Design Standards.
  • Material Specifications.
  • Opening and Reinforcement Specifications.
  • Fabrication Guidelines.
  • Inspection Procedures.
  • Non-destructive testing Guidelines.

Every year our design, production, and testing methods are reviewed for ASME compliance by an ASME certified third party inspection agency. In addition, every three years these methods are also reviewed by certified ASME and National Board auditors. These inspections ensure that the tank we build for you meets today’s accepted ASME Code requirements.

ASME Tank Maintenance and Testing

Why is ASME maintenance important?

ASME tank maintenance is important to check for corrosion, wear, and damage to the different components of the vessel. These checks keep employees safe and prevent premature wear.

Your ASME tanks and vessels should be regularly inspected to check for damage or normal wear, such as corrosion of the tank’s heads, shell, and welds..

These inspections are made to minimize premature failure and keep your employees safe.

Many states, provinces and jurisdictions require that your tank is registered and inspected by a certified professional on an annual basis.

If a tank is found to need repair, it must be repaired by a certified company in accordance with The National Board Inspection Code standards.

Tank Fab is certified by both the National Board and the ASME to perform these repairs, either at your facility or ours.

Let the experts handle it


We build and install pressure vessels – for both storage and transportation – that strictly adhere to ASME Codes.

Not only that, our engineers can help with your pressure vessel maintenance and inspection needs, as well as, ensuring that any work done complies with the ASME and National Board codes.

What issues have you had with your ASME Code tank??

Author: Jeffrey Lippincott

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