Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing of ASME Code Tanks

Safety first.

It’s not just a catchphrase at Tank Fab.

Your safety and that of our environment are at the center of everything we do.

Efficiency, productivity and meeting revenue goals are all high on our list of priorities – but manufacturing environmentally-friendly equipment that’s safe for the people who use it and the Earth tops it all.

Here’s what you need to know about the ways we protect you and the environment.


At Tank Fab, we manufacture tanks that meet the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

These tanks are used in many different applications, from the manufacture of the high-tech materials used on the clothing you wear, to storage of the natural gas used to heat your home.

Both of these use chemicals and/or gases that can be hazardous to the environment we live in if not properly contained.

The ASME regulates the design and construction of boilers and pressure vessels.

Utilization of the Certification Mark shows compliance with the laws and regulations in nearly all U.S. States and Canadian Provinces. It is estimated that over 100 countries accept the ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) as a means of meeting their government safety regulations.

We’re also accredited by the National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors to repair and/or alter your existing ASME Code tank in our facility or at your location.

What it all means for the environment

Part of the reason the ASME Code exists is to protect the environment.

But following the ASME guidelines isn’t the only way Tank Fab keeps the environment in mind.

Let’s look at treated crossties, for example.

Wood crossties have great environmental benefits:

  • They come from trees, which use solar energy to grow.
  • Trees absorb greenhouse gases.
  • Trees are a renewable resource. When crossties are no longer viable for use on railways, they can be recycled as a biofuel for the production of electricity.

Our clients use both ASME Code tanks and other equipment we manufacture to treat crossties.

This process of manufacturing ties also can cause environmental issues if it’s not implemented within proper equipment.

The Tank Fab difference

Tank Fab is in its 24th year of business.

In addition to ASME Code tanks, our company also offers a diverse portfolio of products and services including autoclave systems for industries such as aerospace, rubber vulcanization, and concrete, as well as the treatment and preservation of wood products.

Today, Tank Fab serves the entire North American continent and Caribbean Territories, delivering a complete turn-key pressure tanks to fit your specifications.

We are the only company that can design to your specific needs, manufacture and install your tank AND includes the other equipment you will need to operate your tank system.

And we do it all with environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Safety for all

With over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space and over 114 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ASME Code tanks, the Tank Fab team is able to produce a tank to fit your needs according to ASME Standards.

We provide only the best products possible for our clients – products that are safe for the environment and for employees.

Is your equipment compliant with safety standards for your people and the environment?

Author: Jeffrey Lippincott

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